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Gutterology 101 Series

Gutter System Definitions

Most homeowners rarely (if ever) actually see the components of their homes’ roof and gutter system up close.

Some of these terms may be familiar, but most don’t know the difference between a soffit and a fascia. NO WORRIES. The more you know about your home, the more you’ll understand the value the Western Mass Gutter Monkeys bring to your property.

SYSTEM: Your house is protected by a gutter system, comprised of several components. Most homes are simple; some homes (with multiple ridges, arches, etc.) require a designed solution. The size and placement of the gutters is vital. The number and placement of the downspouts is also vital. Finally, the entire system must also be maintained; cleaned and tuned regularly.

SIZE: A key decision to make up front is which size gutter is needed. There are TWO basic sizes. Professionally known as K5 and K6, but they are really just regular and “extra duty”. If the area of roof that sheds rain is larger, then obviously larger gutters are needed to accommodate this water volume. You can quickly see the difference in these pictures. ​If you have clean gutters and they still overflow in critical areas – you may need larger gutters and/or another downspout. We will help you decide.

DRIP EDGE:  An unsung hero on your roof.  The Drip Edge is an aluminum strip installed by your roofer and the very lower edge of the shingles.  A properly installed drip edge keeps your fascia dry and avoids it from rotting prematurely.   A properly installed gutter system completes the transition and evacuates all the rain.